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trusting the process...


the summers are here and gone before we know it, but what happens behind the scenes when the garden gate is closed for the off-season?


the planning starts with a look back at last year: what worked well enough to repeat, and what could be replaced with something new?

a few varieties of "keepers" were collected from the garden last season. 


some plants that self-seed need to stay cold over the winter before being relocated, so they go in the fridge.

others get their own spot on the shelf. 


some of them even get to start their life inside the house during the winter months. 

while snapdragons were being started in this particular tray,  they are just one of many to join the "grow room."

when the last frost has left us, these seedlings will take up their home in the garden, [until they move to your kitchen table...]


...until then, we'll just keep taking it one day at a time.

see you in the garden.

-the gatekeeper

- February, 2022 -

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