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- now open for the 2024 season -

about garden gate

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meet the gate-maker:

Dean has been growing my ideas into something even better at every step, and his support has been the backbone of this project. He transformed our little horse shed, built the fences and work tables, and, (of course) created the actual garden gate. My idea was fostered by not only his good faith, but also that of our three children who give their input through encouragement, ideas, and even designing this website.  

If you have come across this page and wonder what simple joy can be gained from a small garden, I encourage you to make the trip out to see for yourself. 

                                                             - brenda

Meet the gatekeeper

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Hello! We want to welcome you through the Garden Gate. This project has been a team effort from my husband and I. It took the unexpected absence of my daily routine in the spring of 2020 for me to consider the idea of a cut flower garden at our home. It seemed a good fit for me, as my life has been marked by a habit of keeping dirt under my nails and a love of all things growing. 



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